We give each of our members the skills and experiences needed to succeed with professional development, leadership opportunities, and real-world experience working with clients. Additionally, we have professional contacts and a strong alumni base, which helps our members gain insight into different career paths and obtain internships and job opportunities. Being a part of PSE will provide you with these resources to build a successful future. We are accepting of all majors and everyone who applies is guaranteed an interview!

      Our members are given the opportunity to not only work with clients during the year, but also foster strong relationships with them at our Post Career Fair event. This event allows employers the chance to meet with our members in a more casual venue, providing personal relationships and opportunities for internships and jobs in the future. We are proud to have seen our past senior classes graduate with 93% job placement as well as 97% our junior and sophomore classes with internships. 

     Beyond future endeavors, at the core of our organization, we look to provide our members with the support and confidence they need to excel in their careers. Many of our members have found life long friendships and support systems through this experience. So, whether you are looking to enhance your professional or college experience, PSE is… your next step!


If you have any questions related to recruitment, please email our Director of Recruitment, Maggie Nowakowski, at nowakome@miamioh.edu.