New Member Process


Spring 2019- Miami University Athletics


Spring 2018- Windsor Leadership Group

For the Spring of 2018, new members helped venture capitalist Bill Greenwald and his team at Windsor Leadership Group to create a marketing plan and the start of a proof of concept for the client to pitch the idea of a Speakers Academy to potential investors. The teams performed market and competitor research, created and designed social media pages, websites, initial pricing structures, and an in depth analysis of potential target customers. They created and showcased their findings to Bill with astounding presentations.


Fall 2018- Procter & Gamble

Our Fall 2018 new member class worked with Proctor and Gamble to develop an eCommerce strategy within the drug channel for one primary P&G household brand. Teams began by conducting in depth secondary research on the current eCommerce industry, their brand’s status,and its relation to various drug channels such as Walgreens, CVS, and Rite-Aid. Then, after identifying key insights from focus group and survey results, they created a specific marketing strategy and actionable steps that P&G can implement to win in eCommerce and presented their findings at P&G Headquarters in Cincinnati, OH.


Fall 2017- Procter & Gamble

For the Fall of 2017, new members collaborated with Fortune 500 giant Procter & Gamble (P&G) to conduct market research in two distinct areas: "natural products" and career assessment tests. The teams utilized several effective forms of market research (i.e. focus groups, surveys, in-depth interviews, etc.) to gather data, form insights, and then presented at P&G headquarters to C-suite executives at the conclusion of the project.


Spring 2017- The Untold Seven

What if students didn't have to worry about grades, test scores, and the social pressure to be "successful"? How would students see learning differently?  In the Spring of 2017, our new members were tasked with creating a brand and go to market strategy for The Untold 7, a start-up experiential learning company.  The teams constructed brand guides, social media platforms, and marketing tactics based off of market research with local high students in order to form insights and present finding to the start-up founder, Ryan Katz.

2016-11-19 05.36.59.jpg

Fall 2016- JAY Pattern Design

Our new members for the Fall 2016 semester were tasked with working with JAY Pattern Design, a stationery startup out of Chicago founded by PSE Miami alumna Annie Wood. Ms. Wood wanted to develop an innovative marketing campaign for the release of her 2017 patterns, specifically targeting millennial and collegiate consumers. The new member teams developed comprehensive advertising and promotions strategies to raise awareness and increase loyalty for JAY and its patterns.



Curious about our new members or their process to initiation? Contact our New Member Educator, Maggie Sullivan,(, with any questions you may have.