Need help preparing for an interview? With these helpful articles and guides, we hope to get you ready to land your dream job/internship!


10 Essential Steps To Prepare Yourself For A Job Interview

These should be your first steps in making sure you are preparing correctly for your next internship. This will give you a good basis if you are new to official company interviews. It will tell you things like make sure you research the company extensively and actually try out the company's product.


Seven Things Never, Ever To Say In A Job Interview

You might have prepared and researched extensively and have your script ready, but if you ask the wrong questions or let something slip out, that hard work might be all for nothing. Make sure you read up on things to avoid saying in an interview, it may surprise you!


Tough Job Interview Questions and the Best Answers

This article is filled with some of the most frequent tough interview questions, and has links to the best answers to all different kinds of them. This is sure to help you prepare answers leading up to an interview, and rock those questions that may really stump you in the moment.

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20 Years Ago, Jeff Bezos Said to Always Ask These 3 Questions to Determine the Perfect Job Candidate to Hire

Understanding these questions from a candidate's perspective may help you understand what a company is wanting to hear, and how you can adapt yourself to be more like what these successful companies want.