• Resumes should only be one page, anything longer is not necessary.


  • It is better to expand on major involvements/accomplishments, rather than list things that do not have a lot of significance.


  • Only list involvements/accomplishments that you can actually speak to.


  • Keep resumes clear and concise. Quantify information when applicable, and always write in the past tense. Use different action verbs to differentiate experiences.


  • Resumes are organized in chronological order. Start from your most recent experiences and then move your way back.


  • There are multiple DIY resume templates online, use one to get a basis for your resume. We recommend Canva.


  • Have someone else review your resume. They will be able to help you and catch errors/inconsistencies that you may not be able to. The Howe writing center and career services is a great place on campus to get resumes reviewed!


Link of verbs to include in your resume