PSE New Member Questions

  1. What is Bid Day like?

Typically, Bid Day involves a series of events. If you receive a bid, a group of PSE members will deliver it to your dorm, house, etc. Once all of the bids are handed out, there will be a casual event where you can meet active members and the other new members in your class. If you do not receive a bid from PSE, you will hear from our Director of Recruitment with the next steps. You are always welcome to connect with him/her for feedback or questions. 

2. How long does it take to find out if you get a bid or not?

You will be extended a bid from PSE on the Sunday following your second round interview. During that day, we will give you a 2 hr time period where we ask you to sit in your dorm, house, or apartment for us to deliver your bid. 

3. What is a new member project?

The new member project is our way of showing the new members exactly what PSE is all about. Although the scope of the project is different every year, there are aspects that will be the same. You will be placed in teams of 4-5 new members and assigned a team lead, who is an older member that acts as a coach for the new member team. From there, you are challenged to conduct research and present a solution to the client. Some of the projects in the past have been with Proctor and Gamble, the Miami Athletic Department, as well as JAY Pattern Design.

4. How big of a time commitment is the new member project?

As a school extracurricular, PSE designs the new member project to be achievable with coursework. We work around you and your teammates’ schedules to ensure you are capable of excelling in the classroom and in your project. If there is ever a time where you feel overwhelmed by the work or the process, you can always connect with your new member educator, team lead, or an older mentor in the chapter for help or guidance. 

5. Do you provide mentorship opportunities for new members? 

We provide a plethora of mentorship opportunities for our members. Not only will your team lead for the new member project act as a mentor, but we also have a new member mentorship program, where current members get matched with new members to act as a resource in their professional growth. 

6. How long is the new member process?

The new member process is 8 weeks, starting with bid day and ending with initiation. 

7. Would I get to do everything an older member does?

Yes. In PSE, we believe your new member experience plays a crucial role in setting the tone for the rest of your experience in PSE. As a new member, you will not only be able to see what it’s like to be an active member, but you will be able to experience it as well.