PSE Recruitment Questions

  1. How many interviews are there in your Recruitment Process?

    PSE has a two-round interview process with a “meet-the-chapter” event. 

  2. What do I wear?

    For first and second round interviews, you should come in business professional. For the “meet-the-chapter” event you should be dressed in business casual. If you do not have business clothes with you, do not feel you need to buy anything! Just wear the most professional clothes you have.

  3. How long are the interviews?

    There is no time limit on how long an interview will go, but on average, our interviews last about 30 minutes. We always suggest that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your interview time-slot, as we normally run slightly faster than anticipated. 

  4. What type of questions do you ask?

    Interview questions asked vary per round. During our first round interviews, we ask behavioral based questions. In second round interviews, we ask more thought-provoking and problem-solving type questions. 

  5. What do you look for in interviews?

    Throughout our interview process we look for individuals who are driven, passionate, and eager to learn. During the first round interviews, we look to see who you are as a worker, teammate, and leader. In the “meet-the-chapter” event we want to see who you are as an individual. We like to learn more about your interests, hear what you’re passionate about, and get to know you in a more relaxed setting. Finally, we look to understand your problem-solving and creativity skills during second round interviews.