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  • Know the dress code of the interview. It is important to present yourself in the most professional manner for the setting of the organization.

    • First Round Interviews- Business Professional

    • Meet the Chapter- Business casual

    • Second Round Interviews- Business Professional


  • Answer questions in the CAR Format

    • Context, action, resolution

    • Here's a great article from Hudson that explains this format further 


  • Do your research! Understanding the role, the goals of the organization as well as what the organization does will show that you are interested and passionate about the organization.


  • Ask questions! Questions show you care, are inquisitive, and have a drive to learn.


  • Take a moment before answering questions. While your first thought may be your best thought, take a moment to think through your words and how you want to say them so you are clear, concise and meaningful.


  • Do not be afraid to show your personality! Get excited and passionate, but know where to draw the line between professional and fun.


  • The interviewers are people too who have gone through the same process as you did. Do not be nervous, and showcase all the potential you have!