General PSE Questions

  1. What majors do you accept?

PSE is accepting students from  all majors. We have members studying course work in all 5 colleges on campus! From graphic design, to accounting, to engineering, PSE aims to give members professional development and experience that is meaningful to any career path. 

2. Is hazing a concern to have when joining Pi Sigma Epsilon?

PSE does not participate or engage in any form of hazing.

3. What types of client projects do you provide?

PSE is always looking to expand our project work. In recent years, we have done projects in marketing, advertising, finance, sales, design, blockchain, website development, and projects on a global scale. Our goal is to find any project work that interests our members.  

4. What is the Regional and National Convention?

As the Gamma Gamma chapter of PSE and Lewis F. Gordon Top Chapter in the nation, we love attending our regional and national conventions. At both the regional and national conventions, PSE chapters participate in marketing, sales, public speaking, and professional development workshops. At the national convention, all PSE chapters come together to compete on the professional work they have completed during that year. 

5. Do you participate in events outside of the business setting?

Of course! We host several events outside of the business setting. Whether it is weekly Skyline Chili outings, intramural games like softball and broomball, or attending our service retreat or annual corn hole fundraiser, we like to be together in suits and in sweats!