General Business Fraternity Questions

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  1. What is the difference between a business fraternity and a social fraternity?

Business fraternities are professional organizations with the purpose of preparing members for their career following college. A business fraternity aims to give students experiential learning opportunities and real world connections to help them gain insight into their career paths. Social fraternities are social organizations meant to help students build relationships with other students on campus. 

2. Can you rush a social fraternity/sorority and a business fraternity?

Absolutely! Students interested in gaining resources to help them professionally in addition to experiencing the community of a social fraternity or sorority can rush both types of organizations. A large number of PSE members participate in Greek  life on campus and are equally involved in both organizations.

3. What happens if you get into more than 1 business fraternity? 

If you get a bid from more than one business fraternity, you are considered a “Cross-bid.” At Miami University, the four business fraternities on campus determine a time frame for Cross-bids so they may take additional time to decide which business fraternity is right for them. 

4. Can you interview for a business fraternity more than once?

Yes! Business fraternities recruit twice during an academic year (once in the fall and once in the spring). You can interview for a business fraternity as many times as you’d wish.