Hey, I'm Connor!

This is my second year at Miami and in PSE! I have always enjoyed sales and market research, which explains my marketing major, but I also have a passion for sustainability. I am even creating my own major, corporate sustainability, through the Western Program! So yes, you can always find me sorting through my Dividends trash in the Farmer Commons.

I am super excited to work as the Director of Sales because I get to reach out to potential clients, monitor the chapter's skills, and plan the 3rd Annual Miami University Sales Competition! Thankfully, I have an entire executive board and chapter of talented business people to help me along the way.

If you can't find me at the square, and would like to catch up, I am most likely in 1036 or the other Entrepreneurship offices hanging out with Lily Thaler, Elizabeth Kilbride, and my favorite professors. Email me and let's get coffee! (P.S. Connecting with me on LinkedIn is basically mandatory)