I AM PSE: New Member Survival Guide


I AM PSE: New Member Survival Guide

By: Melinda Beyer

My name is Melinda Beyer, I am a Freshman Marketing major from Robbinsville, New Jersey and a recently initiated member of Pi Sigma Epsilon.

When I first arrived on campus, I knew that I wanted to get involved but I didn’t know how, so like every first-year student, I went to “Meet the B-Orgs”. As I walked around Farmer, my friends and I was drawn by Brian McDonald, our current president, who told us about his amazing experience with PSE. Incredibly intrigued, I decided to sign up for the first round interviews, and I have to say, it was so nerve-wracking. I remember trying on at least eight different business professional outfits that day and went around to ask everyone in my hall which one they liked the best! Like many of you, I told myself that if I didn’t make it through the first round, at least I would get some good interview practice.

Who could ever imagine a freshman, with no real-world business experience outside of a high school robotics team and Dunkin Donuts, could make it into what had been marketed as “the premier” business fraternity on campus? I certainly did not. I was so scared but I went through and took a chance anyway -  that same chance quickly became one of the best decisions that I have made thus far in my college experience.

Going in blind there were definitely some things that I wish I had known about becoming a member of Gamma-Gamma, so I hope I can help you on your journey.

1. Take it all in, but one thing at a time!

The new member process is a whirlwind of new experiences and everything happens quickly. From bid day to initiation, there doesn’t seem like you have a second to breathe, but trust me you do! Take time to remember how excited you were to receive your bid card, how nervous you were when you walk into Harrison Hall for your first GBM and how relieved you were when you were when you finally presented your new member project. These things all become a part of your journey at PSE. Every once and awhile take a minute to realize where you are, who is around you and the potential of every person in the room.  

2. Be curious!

The only way that you will learn is if you ask questions. No matter how small or how dumb you think that it might be, just ask. Someone at some point had the same questions as you did and someone probably knows the answers now. Asking questions shows that you care and that you want to ensure the quality of your work and what you do, especially during your new member project.

3. Fear not!

Yes, upperclassmen can seem intimidating but they were once in your shoes and can remember what it was like to be a new member so don’t be scared of them. You’ll quickly realize that whenever you see someone from PSE around campus they will always stop and say hi. PSE is a community of people who support and encourage each other, so don’t be afraid of the unknown. You are not alone. In addition, the new member project can become quite a daunting and intimidating task. If you take your time and create a detailed schedule with your group you will not only be able to create a beautiful project but the entire process will become a lot less stressful and terrifying.

4. Take advantage of every opportunity you can!

PSE taught me how to not say no to anything. You never know what opportunities will come your way and when they do take advantage of them! You will have the opportunity to meet new people, make new connections and advance your footprint into the business world, do it! If it weren’t for the support that I had received from my friends at PSE, I never would have had a J-term internship during my Freshman year. Saying yes introduces you to new opportunities that you will be able to learn and gain new experiences from.

5. Take chances, you never know what will happen.

Taking risks and being creative is what college is all about. Without failure, you will never learn what works for you and what doesn’t. In PSE making mistakes and taking chances is expected, if you fail you pick yourself and with the encouragement of your brothers you not only become a better student but also a better business person. During our new member project, my group came up with so many ideas that ultimately failed. However, because of the encouragement of our team lead, we were taught to take our failure and turn it into success by bouncing off the ideas that didn’t work to create something that ultimately became our project idea.

If it wasn't for PSE, I would not have the bold confidence and the valuable skills that I have today. I hope that if you decide to join Gamma-Gamma that you will take my advice. I have made some of my best friends and greatest memories because of the chapter and I couldn't imagine my next three years without PSE.   

-Melinda Beyer

PSE Miami