I AM PSE: Rising Up and Beyond (with Meissner Meacham 2019-2020)

I AM PSE: Rising Up and Beyond

By: Milo Lam

Featuring: Gaby Meissner and Hunter Meacham


Hi, I’m Gaby Meissner, and I am running to be your next ASG Student Body President. I currently live in Fort Wayne, IN; however, I am actually a dual citizen of Poland and the United States and spent part of my childhood growing up in Tokyo, Japan. My mom, who also attended Miami, was the reason behind my initial campus visit, and after two additional campus tours, I knew without a doubt, that Miami provided a culture where I could thrive. Currently, I am a Marketing major with a minor in Interactive Media Studies. One of the things that sets Miami apart in my eyes are the student organizations and the endless number of opportunities to be a leader. Since my freshman year, I have been involved in the Associated Student Government, in a variety of different roles. My freshman year, I served as an On-Campus Senator representing District 1. Then in my sophomore year, I served on the Executive Cabinet as the Secretary for Communications & Media Relations. Now, I currently serve as a Farmer School of Business Academic Senator, and I am on multiple committees, including Funding & Audit and Diversity & Inclusion. Additionally, I am involved in Pi Sigma Epsilon as the Director of Technology, and also Alpha Phi International Women’s Fraternity here at Miami.


My freshman year, I was on the Miami University rowing team and I still like to remain physically active whenever I can, frequently taking spin classes at the Miami Rec Center. On any given night you can catch me running around from meeting to meeting, but later relaxing and doing homework to some Frank Sinatra. Ultimately, I am running to be your Student Body President because I have always had a passion for making positive change and lifting up others in my community. With the people I have met and the experiences I’ve had at Miami, I have gained a unique perspective of student life and I believe that I can use this insight to provide beneficial change and be a representative for the student body.



Hello, I’m Hunter Meacham, junior from Medina, OH, and I am running to be your next ASG Student Body Vice President. Attending Miami University was almost second nature to me as I have a long and rich family history here. I am an Information Systems & Data Analytics major with a minor in Accountancy. I am a member of the Interfraternity Council Conduct Board, which focuses on accountability and integrity within the Greek Community on campus. Additionally, I am involved in Pi Sigma Epsilon and serve on the executive board for the Sigma Chi Fraternity. My freshman year I was also involved in the Collegiate Chorale, which allowed me to enjoy to further foster my appreciation for music and the culture of our fine arts programs.

The idea of “Love & Honor” has been instilled in me since the time I was young and I am a firm believer that it can serve as a mantra which means that all of us can further enable ourselves to reach greater heights. This mindset is a driving force that carries me to the journey I have today, with the desire to assist in the improvement of campus culture and increase productivity. I was honored when Gaby reached out to me asking if I would be her Vice President because I believe she will be an outstanding leader for all students and because I truly believe in our platform.

Tell us a little bit about your campaign so far. What does your schedule look like, what have you done, what do you have going on for the upcoming weeks?

The campaign has been such an exciting adventure for the both of us. Each day on the campaign trail is ambiguous, presenting exciting opportunities and challenges. Although we could not do it all without our loyal and trustworthy friend, Google Calendar. During the afternoons, between classes, we meet with administrators and student leaders to enhance our platform, and in the evenings we meet with student organizations to engage on student initiatives and issues and discuss our platform. Nonetheless, in our free time, we’re strategizing marketing efforts to best reach the large Miami student population.


How has PSE influenced your decision to run and how has the chapter provided you with the skills and mindset to take part in this difficult yet rewarding journey?

Through my time in the Gamma Gamma chapter, PSE has truly exemplified the power of diversity can have. As Director of Technology, I worked closely with the current president and former director of recruitment, Brian McDonald who championed diverse recruiting efforts from potential members with different majors, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Due to Brian’s efforts the chapter has been a great community because of it and this is a small indication of the impacts of diversity in a setting like Miami.

Moreover, PSE has empowered me with confidence and a support system to do anything I set my mind to. Great mentors like Amy Berg, Michael Parker, and Corinne Crawford have gotten me where I am today. Not to mention an amazing campaign project team! Shout out to Lily Thaler, the best campaign manager ever, Joey Stefanko, our strategy guru, Sarah Gravitt, our fresh perspective and creative mind, Kelsey Sullivan, working hard all the way from abroad, and Julia Igel, our design queen! Above all, PSE has provided me with unique situations of what it is like to creatively solve problems. Because we operate as a boutique consulting firm, our primary function is to understand client challenges or issues and cater to their needs. That is exactly what the Student Body President role entails. Understanding and empathizing with students in order to creatively problem solve with University administrators.

With fierce passion, Gaby and Hunter seek to refined and uncover hidden potential in each and every student at Miami University. They plan to empower diverse communities and push norms beyond their constraints. Utilizing the voice they have on campus, the student body will be introduced to opportunities that may be pivotal to their academic and professional growth on the path of higher education, here in Oxford, Ohio.

Support them on during this election and rise up!

Make sure to vote for Meissner-Meacham 2019 on The Hub on March 19th-20th from 7am-7pm and connect with them below!

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