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I, Engineer

I, Businesswoman


By: Milo Lam

Natalie Bukovec is an aspiring chemical engineer from a small town Northeast of Cleveland Ohio called Chardon. She has a minor in Spanish and enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family. She became an official member of Pi Sigma Epsilon last Fall 2018.

She recalled crediting her decision to join from the desire to seek new opportunities and meet different people. Drawing from her unique experiences as secretary of Miami’s Outdoor Adventure Club and member of Engineers Without Borders, Natalie reached for a chance with PSE.

“Last summer I worked for a latex production plant in Dalton, GA where I was their only intern for the summer. It was a great learning experience, but I had a hard time adjusting to doing everything by myself, like solo camping trips. I was just not in love with the position itself and so I came back to Miami, wanting more for a change,” Natalie said.

Having learned about PSE through her brother, Natalie rushed PSE to hopefully find what she had been looking for. Hardly did she know it would exceed all her expectations.

“I have grown incredibly as a professional and have developed business-related skills that I would rarely be exposed to in my engineering courses,” Natalie said. “Most importantly to me though, I have made incredible relationships with inspiring people that, without this organization, I may have never known.”

Natalie also proved herself to be a valuable asset to the chapter, being one of the most high-achieving members over the course of just one semester. She most notably placed third at the PSE Sales Competition the first time she was introduced to sales. Natalie's New Member Project Team worked on the acclaimed Swiffer product for Procter and Gamble through developing an e-commerce strategy to increase P&G product sales on drug store websites and using researched insights to drive creative strategies. Their unique subscription service won the first place at the presentation for P&G executives in their Cincinnati headquarter.

M: What do you think/have to say to those who are in your shoes, and how do you

think you have inspired the bridge between majors and careers in regards to


N: I would say that it is important to get out of your comfort zone and do something that you

might not normally do. It is also important to branch out of your major and meet a diverse

group of people while in college. Never again will we be surrounded by this many people

that are our own age, so we might as well take advantage of it. This is crucial because it

allows for me to work on projects with people who think very differently than I do which

makes me a better group member and broader thinker. I think I have helped bridge a gap in a

way between the two colleges of business and engineering because when other engineers see

that I am in a business organization it opens their minds up to the idea of branching out and

joining organizations outside of their major. Our engineering classes have taught us how to

learn quickly and apply all of our resources to a cause. These skills are relevant in any

position or organization.

M: How has the engineering education helped you in thriving in a business environment, and how PSE has helped you prepared for your own career choices?

N: PSE gives me skills that set me apart from my engineering peers (different perspective,

presentation, effective communication, time management, competition, confidence). Going

into an interview or networking event I feel comfortable and able to present myself professionally to the employers. I love to talk to people and believe that there is a great deal to learn from others. Through PSE I can use my love of conversation in sales related work such as the Sales

Competition. Additionally, as an engineering major, I have an itch to know how things work.

This is very applicable to market research and understanding the ins and outs of companies.

In a business setting my unique background sets me apart from my peers. I am a problem

solver and my courses have taught me to be a relatively quick learner. I can pick up on things

quickly and I retain information well.

Natalie currently works for the Cincinnati Reds Project to bring in revenue flow for the chapter, all while developing her sales strategies. She is, like the many unique member from all walks of life at Gamma Gamma, a great representation of the bridge between the business world and other career paths. As a chapter, PSE continues to hold our diverse and inclusive atmosphere with high regards.

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