I AM PSE: Finding the Perfect Pitch


I AM PSE: Finding the Perfect Pitch

By: Michael Parker

Hi! My name is Michael Parker, and I am a marketing major with an entrepreneurship minor from Chautauqua, New York. Over the course of the last four years, I have been involved on campus with PSE, Open Fifth A Cappella, Delta Chi, and as a campus tour guide.

You’ve probably seen me running around campus (literally) going between classes, meetings, and rehearsals, trying my best to keep it all together and not show us too late. I like to keep an active, jam-packed schedule, so every week is busy! I am currently taking 15 credit hours (as well as being a TA for another course), work in the admissions office twice a week, and then three days out of the week I have two-hour rehearsal for Open Fifth. I learned early on during my time at Miami that time management is huge, hence why Google Calendar is one of my best friends.

My parents always taught me that in order to be a part of a community, you have to be actively engaged, hence why I decided to get so involved during my four years in Oxford. I never would have guessed on my first day that I would get to know so many wonderful people turned friends, been given the opportunity to travel the country and world, and strive daily to make an impact on the lives of those around me, but through a lot of mentorship and late-nights at King, I couldn’t be more blessed with how my journey has manifested itself.


I learned early on that I couldn’t have done any of this if it wasn’t for the people that I surround myself with, many coming from PSE and Open Fifth. They keep me balanced, help me slow down and laugh when I get stressed out and are always down for a hug! I’ve learned to prioritize people first, then the leadership opportunities within my organizations, and my course work, often juggling many things at the same time.

Since I was a little kid, I have always loved to perform in front of other people. My grandparents often joke that I would put on “shows” for them in front of their tv, often including song and dance, when I was three. This love for music and performing grew as I did, ultimately resulting in getting involved with Open Fifth during my first weeks on campus. Doing gigs all over the place, and to many different audiences, quickly taught me to swallow any stage fright and focus on using the music to cultivate community, share smiles, and touch lives. Standing in front of an audience of 150+ people isn’t so bad when I know that I am part of a collective of 15 other guys that have my back and work as a team. I have a blast going up and sharing what I love with other people, turning on the mindset that it’s “Showtime!” as my dad calls it.

When I first joined PSE and started doing business presentations, I quickly realized that this “Showtime!” mentality directly applies to selling ideas to clients, bringing confidence in conducting primary research, and leading a team towards a difficult goal. Whether I am singing to an auditorium audience or presenting capstone work in a boardroom to 10+ executives, both parties want to be entertained, feel connected with, and break out in a smile. Fusing my experience singing with my love for business has been an incredible combination that I am so thankful for.

Additionally, both organizations have shown me the importance of practice. If we tried to just stand in front of an audience and piece together a performance, no one would ever want to see us sing again. But it is the exact same thing for PSE, as I now understand the importance of practicing presentations and question responses, as repetition breeds a form of excellence otherwise considered impossible.

I have had the most incredible time at Miami, and as I move into a new chapter of my life, I would be amiss to overlook what PSE and Open Fifth have done for my personal development and growth. I have met the most incredible people, made memories I will forever cherish and learned who I am as a human being, and I am so excited to tackle life, knowing it’s “Showtime!”


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