Miami University doesn't have a sales major... now what?

Without a sales major in the Farmer School of Business, it is difficult for Miami University students to gain exposure to the sales world without an internship. Back in 2017, a team of Pi Sigma Epsilon members successfully planned Miami’s first sales competition and modeled it after the Pro-Am Selling Competition from our national conventions. The team reached out to sponsoring companies and gathered just under twenty participants.

As Director of Sales for this term, I wanted to garner even more support for our chapter’s second year of hosting this competition. The 2018 MU Sales Competition is a wonderful opportunity for participants to gain sales experience, prepare for interviews, and step out of their comfort zones. No prior sales experience is required, and the event is free and open to all majors. There is a networking event for all participants and sponsors to interact in a casual setting at the end of the competition. Representatives from each company serve as both judges and buyers.

My team and I began reaching out to potential sponsors at the start of the summer with a revenue goal of $3,500. Alongside my team of four very talented and hardworking individuals - Connor Moreton, Maggie Cavanaugh, Joey Stefanko and Alec White, we have brought in over $7,500 in revenue, more than doubling our goal, and 11 company sponsors. We have 58 participants signed up with over a week to go, and we are looking forward to meeting all of them at our Info Night prior to the competition.

I owe our success to our strong team dynamic. Serving as the Director of Sales has been the most impactful leadership role that I have held in my professional and personal career, and I am honored to have been able to represent the chapter.

-Olivia Hamernik 

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